Interested in creating your own brand? Send a message. Get a free promotional item for your brand on us. If you love the promo and want to make your brand with Nihlo you’ll be charged $2,000 up front to set up your brand. Once you’ve paid the set up fee you’ll never pay it again! At this point you’ll have three options. One, pay $300 for our monthly package which includes running your website, access to our in house design team, manufacturing and distributing your merchandise. For an extra $100 a month we’ll even run all your marketing. Two, sign a revenue sharing agreement and we’lll work directly with you to make your brand grow. Three, chose the al a cart option and take advantage of any of our services for a monthly fee. 

Just looking to make some shirts for a school event? Ready for new company swag? Interested in a customize product? Look now further we can help with that too.



First promo = FREE

One time Set up Fee = $2,000


Monthly Package Options:

Basic Package = $300

Premium Package = $400

Al a Cart Package:

Website = $150

Manufacturing and distribution = $200

Marketing = $200


Revenue Sharing Agreement:

Typically Nihlo will request 15% of gross revenue however Nihlo reserves the right to request up to 40% of the gross revenue. The percentage will be determined by the amount of time and resources required to run your brand.


Customer Orders:

All orders under 100 items are on demand printing and will be charged at retail pricing per item. Over 100 items qualifies as a bulk order and products will be sold at wholesale.


Wholesale Pricing Guide:

Fabric blend, color and size all are factors in determining cost. Below is the range for each product. For an exact quote please contact

Shirts: $1.67 - $17.99

Hoodies & Sweatshirts: $4.25 - $45.49

Pants & Shorts: $3.99 - $24.99

Hats, Beanies and Bandanas: $1.29 - $12.50

Bags: $ .99 - $174

Accessories & Other Promotional Items: $ .10 - $777.95